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Whenever I need to buy new kit this is the place to go. Wendy and her team have excellent knowledge of the equipment they supply, access to information from manufacturers about the kit and an attitude to genuine customer service that is not often found in today's globalised corporate world. I have dealt with all the main UK broadcast suppliers and buying from Wendy's is by far the best experience.

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Mini Control

Mini Control 2


Two extra trim and fader pots for 8 series recorders

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Mini Control 2

Mini Control 2 (“MC2”) is a versatile compact MIDI controller designed to work with Sound
Devices 8-Series mixer/recorders. It provides convenient control of channels not easily accessible
on the host device’s front panel.

The MC2 operates through a three-way toggle switch and rotary encoder selections, which
provide real-time visual feedback through LED colour changes, flashes and pulses in four main
colours: red, green, blue, and white.



The MC2 allows the user to control gain and fader level of a Sound Devices 8-Series mixer/
recorder. Its functionality is organised over a number of Modes and Configurations.

  • Channels 7-12 can be controlled in 833 Configuration.
  • Channels 9-16 can be controlled in 888 Configuration.
  • Channels 12-20 can be controlled in Scorpio Configuration.

In addition to the above, MC2 also offers a number of additional controls and optional

  • Channel “select”.
  • Channel PFL.
  • Mappable MIDI control-change messages.
  • Rolling channels on/off.
  • Additional channels on/off.
  • Strict Controller Configuration on/off.
  • Free Configuration on/off.



MC2 works without issue alongside MCU controllers, the Sound Devices CL-12 and additional
MC2 units, provided the 8-Series is always set to “Individual" under Main Menu > Controllers >
Third Party Controllers > Multiple Controllers.

Multiple MC2 units can be connected to an 8-series mixer/recorder through a USB hub and set to
control different channels / parameters simultaneously.

  • Power consumption: 32-117mA @ 5v (dependant on LED brightness).
  • Dimensions: 23mm x 54mm x 80mm.
  • Weight: 115g

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