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AIR1 Miniature Windscreen Small Black


AIR1 Twin Windscreen for Small Lav/Headset Mics

35.00 ex vat 42.00 inc vat


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A professional windscreen for lavalier and headset microphones with patent-pending design that guarantees fast mounting, highly efficient and consistent wind protection, and unrivaled acoustic transparency. Fits on round omnidirectional miniature mics between Ø2.5-5.8 mm (0.1-0.23 in).


Why use wind protection?
All miniature microphones used outdoors require at least one form of wind protection, and often several, to be prepared for various weather conditions.
Wind creates low-frequency noise when it hits the microphone. This noise, often heard as rumbling (or popping when using an improperly positioned headset), can overpower or distort the voice or other sound source. Wind protection helps to minimize this noise interference. With effective wind protection, there is less need for extensive post-production editing to remove wind noise, saving time and resources.

As an acoustical element positioned in front of the microphone, wind protection has a massive impact on the overall microphone performance.

Many windscreens on the market are difficult and time-consuming to mount, cumbersome and tricky to position correctly for maximum effect and, even when mounted optimally, alter the original frequency curve of the microphone.

DPA Microphones introduces a revolutionary windscreen design that solves all the wind-related challenges of recording and broadcasting outdoors. This unique accessory is extremely fast to mount, offers highly efficient and consistent wind protection and unrivaled acoustic transparency.
It is usually extremely difficult to ensure consistent placement of a mic inside a typical windscreen. Users are left to their own judgement of how far inside the pocket they place the mic, and it is difficult to remember from time to time how far inside the windscreen the mic element was placed. In addition, since there is no grasping mechanism, as the talent wearing the mic moves around, it can result in unintentional displacement of the mic within the windscreen. These situations can result in insufficient wind protection, making the entire sound production more difficult. This is especially problematic in broadcast today due to the fast-paced productions that require clear sound capture at source, without involvement of post mixing.


What are the typical applications for AIR1?
AIR1 is designed to excel at the challenging requirements of the broadcast and professional content creation industries.

It is a reliable windscreen, featuring durable construction – inside and out, yet it is still exceptionally quick and easy to use. These features, combined with its extraordinary acoustical properties, allow it to truly capture the voice with perfect intelligibility, delivering emotion to the audience even in windy conditions.


Key Features

  • Highly efficient and consistent wind protection achieved by the fixed size of the air cavity around the microphone capsule and correct placement every time
  • Swift and effortless mounting on the microphone, aided by sturdy handles at the windscreen opening
  • Complete and consistent acoustical transparency due to its unique patent-pending design
  • Six color options that complement most apparel color schemes
  • Two size options that fit most major brands’ professional miniature mics

How does AIR1 reject wind noise?
AIR1 provides two consistent layers of wind protection.
The first layer of protection is a newly-designed acoustic fur. By fine tuning hair-length, hair material, fur density and the inner lining, the fur achieves great wind rejection while maintaining outstanding acoustic transparency. AIR1 achieves this while at the same time reducing the visual impact of the windscreen by using fur length that is up to 30% shorter than other marketed wind protection accessories.
The second layer of protection is the air cavity created in front of the microphone. AIR1 uses two sturdy arches to keep the fur spaced away from the microphone and maintain constant air volume. In addition, there is a mic stop to ensure that the microphone holds its position at the most protected point inside the windscreen – the acoustic sweet spot.


How does AIR1 preserve the acoustic integrity of the microphone?
AIR1 has been designed with a revolutionary new and patent-pending approach to miniature microphone windscreens.
Just like a large windshield blimp, AIR1 consists of a hard plastic construction and an acoustic fur cover. The structure firmly holds the microphone in the acoustic sweet spot of the windscreen. This ensures consistent sound each time it is being used. This consistency has allowed DPA to design a solution that counters the unavoidable high frequency loss caused by even the best acoustic fur.
By adding a boundary surface right behind the capsule, a pressure field is generated around the microphone diaphragm. Within this pressure zone a specific frequency range is acoustically amplified. By fine-tuning the dimensions of the boundary surface, we have adjusted the frequency boost to exactly match the frequencies that the acoustic fur has attenuated.
Unlike other windscreens, this allows AIR1 to provide excellent wind protection without compromising the acoustic integrity of the microphone.


Is AIR1 as durable as other miniature windscreens on the market?
At times, the working conditions in the broadcast environment can be harsh and hectic, so the durability of the windscreen is essential. The materials for AIR1 have been carefully selected and tested.


Hard plastic construction
AIR1 is made from ultra-robust, UV-stabilized PA, the same type also used for car headlights and sunglasses. This sturdy material means that both the inner structure and the handles can withstand harsh weather and repetitive use.


Stainless steel spring
The stainless-steel spring ensures a consistently strong grip on the microphone. It does not deteriorate over time like the elastic band used on traditional wind protection accessories, nor can it snap in the middle of the action.
Acoustic fur
The acoustic fur consists of specially formulated fibers guaranteeing long lasting colors, easy maintenance and shape memory. Furthermore, the handles minimize interaction with the fur to a bare minimum, which ensures that AIR1 keeps it shape significantly longer than traditional windscreens.


How many variants of AIR1 are available?
AIR1 comes in 2 sizes: Small (compatible with 2.5 -4 .3 mm/0.10-0.17 in) and Large (compatible with 4.3 - 5.8 mm/0.17-0.23 in).
Each size is available in 6 colors: Black, Brown, Beige, White, Off-White and Gray


How do I know the difference between a large and a small AIR1?
To check which size of AIR1 you have in your hands, pay attention to the letter on the inner side of the handle. L stands for large and S stands for small.





Size Guide

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Whats in the Box?

2x AIR1 Windscreens 

AIR1 Miniature Windscreen Large Black


35.00 + vat

AIR1 Miniature Windscreen Small Grey


35.00 + vat

AIR1 Miniature Windscreen Large Grey


35.00 + vat

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