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I just wanted to put in writting my appreciation for everything your company has done for me recently. The replacement for my 664 mixer arrived today and is working perfectly. Please pass on my thanks to Matt for his patience, expert help and the guidance he has provided despite me phoning, in a panic, from various locations around the world.  Thanks to you all for going beyond the call of duty, the level of service has been absolutely fantastic! 

Simon Forrester

Freelance Sound Recordist

Audio Wireless

Audio Wireless DADM 224-2C

Diversity Antenna Combiner and Distribution Module combining antenna distribution and dc power distribution


estimated delivery 2-3 days

Audio Wireless DADM224-2C Diversity Antenna Combiner And Distribution

Diversity Antenna Combiner and Distribution Module DADM224-2C is a custom design, which offers the solution to antenna combining, antenna distribution and dc power distribution requirements. Designed for where the weight and size matters without sacrificing on performance.

The DADM224-2C is a 4 IN and 2 x 4 OUT active antenna combiner and distribution system with in-built low loss band-pass filtering, LNA and useradjustable gain stage at each RF input. The DADM224-2C enables the user to cover 2-zone wider area with improved RF reception, the DADM224-2C eliminates multiple receiver antennas and provides a tidy sound bag, cart and trolley set-up applications with improved RF coverage and performance.

There are four industry standard BNC input connectors for antenna inputs that enables use of standard low loss RF extension cables, and there 2 x 4 mini-RF SMA connectors feeding the diversity receivers. Each antenna input can be individually turned ON/OFF via OLED menu when not used, a LED indicator showing the status of each Antenna input.

In applications when remote antenna powering is needed, the DADM224-2C offers individually switchable Remote Antenna powering with RED LEDs indicating power ON/OFF status, the MHA powering can be turned ON/OFF through the OLED display menu. The DADM224-2C has a very high input signal handling capacity with very low noise figure and offers an outstanding inter-modulation performance when compared to other low power devices available.

The tuning bandwidth is custom designed with a semi-broadband response to suit varying applications; each antenna input gain is individually user adjustable in 1dB steps between +6dB to -10dB, the DADM224-2C is compatible with digital, hybrid and analogue radio microphone receivers available in the industry.

The DADM is externally powered between 10-18Vdc, the dc input connector is an industry standard 4-pin Hirose and there are 4 x Hirose dc output connectors available for powering auxiliary equipment. Each dc output port can be individually turned ON/OFF through the OLED menu. A green LED indicates power-on status of the system box and the OLED display continuously displays dc input voltage.

Audio Wireless wide tuning range systems are now first choice among freelance sound engineers, hiring companies as well as major broadcasters for all wirelessmicrophone applications.


Available Frequency Ranges:

470-700MHz, 470-608MHz, 470-960MHz, 470-990MHz, 960-1163MHz 



  • Four antennas feed up to four diversity receivers
  • Built-in band-pass filtering, active combiners and signal splitters
  • Remote antenna powering
  • 4 x Hirose dc outputs
  • User-adjustable system gain at each antenna input
  • Industry standard connectors
  • Intuitive OLED display menu and LED indicators
  • Master ON-OFF switch
  • Continuous system volts monitoring
  • Soft ON/OFF switch for each individual Antenna Input LNA
  • Soft ON-OFF switch for each individual Remote Antenna powering
  • Soft ON/OFF switch for each dc output
  • CNC machined aluminium custom design, lightweight and rugged - fits neatly in any sound bag



Frequency Range 470 to 1164MHz in bands
Input impedance 50 Ω
Output Impedance 50 Ω
Gain User adjustable +6dB to -10dB
Current consumption 250mA
Available Bandwidths (to order) 470-700MHz, 470-608MHz, 470-960MHz, 470-990MHz, 960-1164MHz
OIP3 > +41dBm
Port to port isolation > 20dB (min.)
Noise Figure < 2 dB
RF inputs 4 x 50 Ω Standard BNC sockets
RF outputs to receivers 2 x 4 x 50 Ω mini UHF SMA sockets
DC Power IN 4-pin Push-Pull (Hirose compatible) socket, fused and protected against reverse polarity, 10-18Vdc.
DC Power OUT 4 x 4-pin Push-Pull (Hirose compatible) sockets individually fused and
protected against reverse polarity.
DC IN Pinouts Pin1+2 (-ve) and Pin4+3 (+ve)
DC OUT Pinouts Pin1 (-ve) and Pin4 (+ve)
Remote Antenna Powering Switchable dc T-bias powering,12Vdc @ 250mA max, regulated for active antenna powering, short circuit protected
DC output Unregulated incoming volts, switched, individually fused and protected against reverse polarity
Total Current Withdraw 3A (max)
Dimensions 192x82x35mm (W x H x D)
Weight 400g
Related Accessories 8 x SMA to SMA link cables (custom lengths)
2 x BNC to BNC Antenna extension cables (custom lengths)
1 x 4-pin Hirose to 4-pin Hirose dc power cable (custom lengths)
2 x Monopole BNC Antenna
2 x LPDA-P


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